Story women groupies

story women groupies

I'm not asking for names of rock stars, but I was thinking that if we hear stories about how many hundreds and even thousands of women.
Any groupie story is great, but these are legendary.
Over on Reddit, women are swapping stories about famous musicians they've supposedly slept with. Rather than just giving you the highlights..

Story women groupies tour Seoul

After they went off to their bus a smoking hot groupie came up and talked to me for a while and ended up taking me back to her place for sex. I read on Thought Catalog that John Mayer has an anal fetish. Said he is hung like a horse which kinda pisses me off. He was actually extremely tame and mellow. When I asked why I was horrified by the explanation.

One night, John Mayer rolled through town during one of his tours. Her first subject was Jimi Hendrix when that cast cracked, she named it "the Venus de Milo". I try not to tell people. It took place in Seattle and involved Zep and Vanilla Fudge. Like, this was her thing, and she was good at it. She was front row at a concert at the college she went to. So before you read on, make a mental note that the people you will read about here are estimated by accounts that can be found online. The boyfriend is a fairly well known musician himself who has recorded albums of Radiohead covers and who himself is a fan, so presumably he was fine with the hookup. I didnt find out about this until I was already her boyfriend…and felt it would be a bit shallow to break up with her for it. But there is also no denying that in general he was just a weird dude, story women groupies. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. So he got permission from her parents to become her legal guardian. Basically, my [sister] probably fucked the singer while this other random nerdy girl lost her virginity to the fat saxophonist with the dreadlocks. I got to hang story women groupies with some of the most amazing, most beautiful, most charismatic men in the world. For example, an oldie but goodie: Derek Jeter had sex with my friend and gave her a gift basket. Not your typical teenage years by video reality asian spycam babes ride cock means. He will rarely even talk about it. This happened night after night in city after city. Said he was super lazy in "story women groupies."

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They had obtained a warrant and searched my house. He takes me off in his car, my friend by this point had gotten bored and gone home. If they ever did. He is my brother in arms. Not your typical teenage years by any means. Lead singer of the band, Blackie Lawless, leads a much different life now than back in those days.

story women groupies

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