Questions rails regex email validation

questions rails regex email validation

What regex should we use to validate our emails? . +[^@.\s]+\z/, # http:// questions rails - regex -for- email - validation.
Put down your Google search for an email regular expression, take a step Here's a fairly common code sample from Rails Applications with  Missing: questions.
University email addresses often have different subdomains, and I want to be able to . Build a regular expression from all your university domain, build it just once. Browse other questions tagged ruby email or ask your own question. Validating email addresses through temporary mail message.

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Can anyone suggest ways of refactoring this, with explanations? If you really want to do checking of email addresses right on the signup page, include a confirmation field so they have to type it twice. You just want to gently nudge the user if they enter something that is obviously not an email address, and otherwise let them get on with it. Rails API : Searchable docs built with the sdoc gem. It passes if an email as underscores and only one period. Sign up or log in to customize your list. Just find out this site, when you type the regex rule, it will explain it instantly. I'm trying to validate email addresses as being from certain universities.

questions rails regex email validation

Ruby Doc : Complete and accurate documentation for the Ruby programming language. Love much even after rejected is the ruby version i use. Testing: Rails and Rspec examples. I have a table, Universitywhich is full of university domains. With the introduction of internationalized domain namesefforts are progressing to permit non-ASCII characters in email addresses. You can replace the TLD's at city north miami beach single story end with the TLD's you wish. Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. It's from here share. Feeling happy with my sexy regex, I deployed it, moved onto something else and never gave it another thought. Discuss the workings and policies of this site. Which is simple, right? Relevant: Email address harvesting Disposable email address Address munging Email Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete. This is a just text widget with some dummy content. An email address identifies an email box to which email messages are delivered. Also instead of repeating all the upper and lowercase matchers, just make the entire thing case insensitive. Join the Stack Overflow Community.

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Good catch though on the whitespace. Mohamad the regex really shouldn't be matching just by itself though it could be argued as by John Carney below that that would make a more accurate match for an email. Please message the mods if you would like to suggest changes to the sidebar. Or do you want to say you cannot use two different patterns? But it has some vulnerabilities for these values:..