Conditions broken pages introductionaspx

conditions broken pages introductionaspx

You can read more about specific broken bones in the following pages: A heart attack is one of the most common life-threatening heart conditions in the UK.
Arm pain is common and usually caused by an injury or fall. It can often be managed with rest and over-the-counter painkillers. If your arm has suddenly started.
If you have broken your tooth, try to find the fragment, store it in milk and see a dentist as If part of a back tooth is broken, it may either need a filling or a crown (also known as a cap). Page last reviewed: Video: how to save a knocked out tooth · Dental abscess · Dental health · Gum disease · NHS dental.

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The drugs you should take to treat pain depend on what type of pain you have. Get Your Health newsletters.

It's best to assume it's a fracture until it has been checked by a doctor or nurse. This isn't an emergency and can wait until the dental surgery is open. Working for NHS Choices. Sign up for weight loss support emails. Keep track of important pages. Visit our language section for more health websites in foreign languages.

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  • Get Your Health newsletters Sign up. Physiotherapy External links Red Cross: broken bones St John Ambulance: broken bones.
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External links St John Ambulance: broken bones and fractures. Don't perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if the casualty's mouth or airway is contaminated with the poison.

conditions broken pages introductionaspx