Blog business benchmarking commercial energy usage

blog business benchmarking commercial energy usage

The Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance focuses on creating Benchmark energy use (annually): Covered buildings will track basic.
A growing trend in energy conservation and efficiency policy is to incorporate benchmarking and disclosure requirements for commercial.
Benchmarking building energy costs against the extensive datasets of Energy and to make the business case for performance improvement projects. of 68 billion square feet of commercial building space in seconds. On the Blog: Lucid executives share their insights and expertise at industry events...

Blog business benchmarking commercial energy usage tri fast

Experience shows that where benchmarking regulations have been implemented, building owners, managers and occupants better understand how their building s are performing. Chicago code related to keeping hallways, stairs and exit pathways free of items. First, regulations require compliance from larger buildings, while progressively requiring compliance from smaller ones. Which one is right for your facility? Check with a licensed electrician, heating and cooling contractor, or equipment manufacturer to see which opportunities make sense for your business. When used well, this information can influence how building equipment is operated, how buildings are renovated, which appliances are purchased, and how occupants behave. A good consultant offers holistic, customizable solutions that cannot only reduce your costs but can introduce environmental solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals. By way of example, data centers, hospitals and many large manufacturers are great candidates for these revenue generating programs with the capability to switch to back-up generators and curtail load while pocketing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in the process.

In fact, Google and Microsoft do it because it is a way business quality beautiful brooklyn optimize efficiencies and save money. See the difference and learn about the components each includes. The Ultimate Commercial HVAC Planned Maintenance Checklist. How can an Association determine if they must participate? ENERGY STAR, the program that administers Portfolio Manager, encourages building managers to use other tools and trainings to complement their benchmarking platform to achieve additional energy savings. Feel free to email me with any questions that you may. About Lucid Careers Press Center Events Contact Us. Spend less on power bills? I hope that the information being shared makes the lives of my fellow board members in Chicago a bit easier. While it is possible for a board to perform some of the required energy benchmarking steps directly, most will find it far easier to hire a firm to handle the entire process on their behalf. Leah is a sustainability professional with eight years of experience in business development, project management, and stakeholder engagement. I really appreciated this post, especially in seeing how benchmarking is a great tool for identifying opportunities to reduce energy usage.

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  • This blog outlines the benefits of benchmarking as a practice, and the policies that are increasingly in place with regard to benchmarking commercial buildings.
  • Instructions are also provided for board members of condo associations that are required to participate in the program.

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